Diabeties & Side Effects

Diabetes is scientifically known as Diabetes Mellitus.

It is of two types:

  1. Insulin Dependent Diabetic Mellitus Or Diabetes (Type-1)
  2. Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetic Mellitus Or Diabetes (Type-2)

Complication of diabetes is more dangerous, It refers to the group of diseases that affect how the body uses glucose. if it is not caring and managed properly come up with Nerve and weakness initially. it's mainly a disease of the pancreas that produces hormones insulin.

If a person is having diabetes, the pancreas either cannot produce enough insulin or uses the insulin Incorrectly or both. If the insulin isn't functioning properly, glucose cant enters the cells. This causes glucose levels to rise in the blood and creating a condition of high blood glucose level called Diabetes.

According to Ayurveda Science , Diabetes Mellitus is known as Madhumeha (excretion of the sweet urine) it's a Silent Killer. Diabetes is also known as Parmeh (Passing of excess urine in quantity and frequency), as almost all the parts of the body and every cell of the human physiology is affected. Madhumeha actually refers to a terminal stage of the Prameh disease and is said to be incurable because of advancement and Improper management. It is a metabolic Kapha disorder in which there is reduced Agni, Kapha is accumulated in Kidney, hence Increase in the blood sugar level and excretion of glucose from urine .

What are the signs and symptoms of Diabetes:

  • Increased thirst.
  • Increased hunger (especially after eating)
  • recurrent urination or urine infections.
  • Slow healing sores
  • Unexpected Weight loss
  • Fatigue (weak, tired feeling)
  • Blurred vision

Herbal Remedies:

  1. Take 2 Spoon of bitter gourd (karela) juice once a day. One can also increase its use as a cooked and steamed vegetable.
  2. Have Plenty of water, water is best but vegetables, and herbal tea and mostly fruits contains fructose all together help you in the cure and manage of diabetes.
  3. Take 1 Spoon of Indian gooseberry (amla) juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of bitter gourd juice twice a day.
  4. Reduce the intake of Diary and Grains ,Canned food and beverages having high content of Saccharine , disaccharide ,polysaccharide sugar which breakdown forms glucose,

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