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"Tele Ayurveda" is a extended concept of "Bhargav Ayurveda", which is designed to facilitate the patient who had tried a lot of medicine and on some extent loosing the faith on Ayurveda due to their past experiance of Ayurvedic Medicine Kit System.

Through "Tele Ayurveda" we are not serving any kind of Pre-Designed Kit for patient treatment. Instead of it we will conduct a Patient- Care Questionnaire through arranging a call back of Expert so as to listen, write, understand, analysis and design customized medicine for the Realistic Patient-Care. If patients will have satisfaction, then only "Ayuveda Ashish" will be served to sufferers.

Because Every human being is unique. Therefore "Bhargav Ayurveda" recommends customize kind of medicine for every person, even if they suffer from same Disease. The customized medicines are not chosen because of symptoms or severity of the disease but the Individual's Tri- Energies (Prakriti) i.e constitution of body as well as symptoms and severity of disease. 


You can call and Try "Tele Ayurveda" now for your "Ayurveda Ashish" on +91-93 1122 3322, 8813 830 830


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