Vision and Mission of Bhargav Ayurveda


Bhargav Ayurveda belief to establish the real and authentic Nadi Chikitsa and Ayurvedic Treatment, which is devinly guided through Indian ancient scriptures. Ayurveda reminds to use the herbs and minerals to live a disease free life. Our vision is to fill the gap between guidance of our scriptures and modern knowledge base era.


These days people or patients do come with bunch of investigations and after getting incurable problems and disease from other modern therepy systems. The last hope to cure the disease has become Ayurvedic Treatment, whereas our mission represents Authentic Ayurveda as the very first ray of rising Sun. Nature compliments human beings but human do not acknowledge it some times. Real health is inheritied in nature & herbs, so as in AYURVEDA. 

Nature do not give a blend of therapy but Experts willfully presents blends to suit the needs of person specific, which is based on Dosha, Dhatu & Mal, Its balancing is must for health and wellness. But the readymade blends / medicines don not benefit to all patients some times. That is why Bhargav Ayurveda serve on 100% customized Ayurvedic Treatment.

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