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B-Firm+ Kama (A complete sexual health treatment for man).

Ayurvedic Capsule for Male Erectile Dysfunction

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Main Ingredients(Kama):- Kaunch, Musali, Shelajit, Ashwgandha etc.

? USP:-

  • Useful in Male Erectile Dy-function.
  • Helps to enhance vitality, health and vigor.
  • Enhances Sexual arousal and libido.
  • Routine use gives energy and enhances immunity as well.

? Main Ingredients(B-Firm):-?Satawari, Gokharu, Salampanja, Jeera, Yasad, Bang etc.

? Useful in:-?

  • Enhancing sexual arousal of male and female both, if it is taken 2 caps twice a day.
  • Enhances sexual drive and stamina of both (male & female).
  • One capsule twice a day reduces pain, fatigue, general weakness and pain/weakness of nerves as commonly occurs in Diabetic patients.
  • It may used as maintenance and prophylactic support for Diabetic Patients.
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