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Dizolife-SF Powder

Relives Gases & Constipation Naturally

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Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

which help relives Gases & Constipation Naturally


  • A compound herbal formulation having safe and non habit forming.
  • Balances vitiated dosas’ Vata, Pitta and Kapha by regulating the bowel habit.
  • Helps smooth bowel evacuation without cramps & loose motions.


  • Relives constipation & expel gases.
  • Useful in acidity & gaseous discomfort.
  • Useful as detox to flush out of accumulated undigested food from colon.
  • Helps to eliminate lumpen parasitic infection.
  • This is complete and Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Constipation.

Dosage:?Adults take 3/4 teaspoonful and children between 6 to 12 years take?1/2 teaspoonful once at bed-time with lukewarm water

For Bowel Detox?3/4 teaspoonful once at the bed-time with lukewarm water.

For Chronic Constipation?One teaspoonful (2-3 grams) regular at bed-time with lukewarm water, till constipation not fully cured and follows with periodical gap.

Constipation:- Constipation has become a common disease of our society in today’s time. It is being found in women, men and children alike. Due to which there is a possibility of serious diseases such as hemorrhoids. This disease is so fatal that it is extremely important to treat it during the time. This disease is being found in children between 3% and 5%. And the number of men and women has also increased. But Ayurveda Science can provide you the Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Constipation.

Symptoms and Reasons:- Properly flushing out is required to stay clean and healthy. If our gastropod-Intestinal tract is not working well, Constipation will make one feel bloated & uncomfortable with verities of symptoms of life style disorders like- anxiety, stress, anxiousness, irritation, phobia etc are physiological problem & hormonal imbalance. Thyroids & POD,s, skin disorders, uric acid, stiffness and joint pain, diabetic mellifluous even long terms affect to cancers etc are metabolic disorders.These are main reason for this disease, If we are not taking healthy miles or eating many fast foods, to have more sleep, not to be suitable in daily routine. And the reason for this disease increase in the children is dependent on the mother’s breast feeding and care. This disease is not genetic. It depends on our own work and daily routine. As we know the calculation of people increasing very fast. Bhargav Ayurveda provides you the Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Constipation.

How Dizolife- SF is best for Constipation:- Use of Dizolife-SF is totally?safe, which provides you the Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Constipation. Dizolife- SF is effective for bowel & digestive system even after long term use. However it will help to detox, regulate, eliminate toxin, end of bloatedness, indigestion, anorexia, gaseous discomfort and make person feel fresh, energetic and stay healthy.



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