How to get rid of Stress Problems

Dr. Abhimanyu Bhargav

25 Years of Experience
Psychiatrist, Nadi Vadi, Entrepreneur, Founder of Bhargav Ayurveda, Wellness Coach, Ayurveda Consultant

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Date : 17 June 2023 ( Sunday )
Time : 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM
Language : Hindi

What are you going to discover in the Master Class ?

Know the Exact reason as per Ayurvedic Principles

Compiled Natural Home Remedies

Counselling & Suggestion - Disease Specific

If you are suffering from stress and anxiety this Ayurveda Master Class will help you a lot !!

Who this Master Class is for :

1. For those who are suffering from Stress & Anxiety
2. Anyone who wants to turn their Knowledge into Clarity
3. Anyone who wants to know the Mental Health
4. Health Counsellors, Yoga Expert and Beauty Experts
5. Anyone interested to know the exact cause and Ayurveda Principle to care and cure Stress

The Man Behind Bhargav Ayurveda

Founder & CEO - B.A.M.S. ( CCIM Regn No. 103831 )
M.Sc. Ayurveda, Nadi Expert, Wellness Coach & Ayurveda Consultant

Bhargav Ayurveda founded in 2001 by Nadi expert, Wellness coach, Ayurveda consultant Dr. Abhimanyu Bhargav to cope up and support the health need of metabolic illnesses digestive health, Mind and Body Wellness.

Bhargav Ayurveda has established the practical uses of Ayurveda wisdom in precise diagnosis and 100% Ayurvedic treatment to reduce, get rid of the metabolic burden of diseases. Bhargav Ayurveda facilitating & serving patients with online ayurvedic centre and ayurvedic telemedicine practices. We facilitate patients through personalized morbid based consultation, diet regime and holistic Ayurvedic treatments.

Our tech system “Nadi Nidan” helping to calibrate Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment, a guide for diet, personalized care for person’s who are residing away from our treatment centres. With its vision and mission to bringing high-quality authentic Ayurveda treatment to every citizen.

Bhargav Ayurveda belief to establish pulse diagnostic evaluation & recommendation for personalized health and Wellness, through Herbs Ayurvedic treatment, Diet, Herbal supplement to building a healthy community.

We provide precise & accurate protocol of ayurvedic treatment for hyperacidity, colitis, IBS, constipation, gas Gastro and Liver, fight from Diabetes naturally, sinus & skin allergy, ayurvedic treatment for stress, anxiety, insomnia & depression. Weight loss and thyroid problems, arthritis and back pain Ayurvedic treatment, irregular period, infertility and sexual problems, liver and throat cancer, Ayurvedic treatment for prostate enlargement, kidney and UTI. Bhargav Ayurveda is the best Ayurvedic Treatment centre in Yamunanagar with the best ayurvedic medicine.

Bhargav Ayurveda provides Ayurvedic consultation online for authentic Ayurvedic treatment through video call & Nadi Nidan and made medicines available at the doorstep across the length and breadth of the nation. Our service associates and users are satisfied with Ayurvedic services online and even for ayurvedic products online.

Bhargav Ayurveda endeavours established treatment to harmonize your disease marbid -causing dosha, reverses physio- pathological conditions naturally, helps to maintain and regulate mind and body Wellness normally, naturally and long. Further helping, serving, curing chronic and complicated health problem naturally, easily, effectively as possible to revive health, happiness & harmony.

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