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Diabetes is scientifically known as Diabetes Mellitus. It is of two types: Insulin Dependent Diabetic Mellitus Or Diabetes (Type-1) No...

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#Cancer has been #considered a fatal and #complex #disease. As soon as the name of cancer comes, our soul starts #trembl...

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Every Human needs a constant supply of nutrients for energy and building the body. Nutrients requirement is full filled by the Intake of the various t...

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Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid disorders are very common nowadays for many reasons including sedentary lifestyles. Incorrect eating and lifestyle causes metabolic dysfunctio...

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Insomnia, Depression & Migraine

Sleep problems are one of the most depressing symptoms of migraine. Chronic Insomnia can lead to severe fatigue, anxiety, depression and lack of conce...

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It is a very common digestive disorder that occurs all around the globe. In the 21st century, people have a busy lifestyle and they have no proper ...

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Sexual Disorders Male & Female

Sexual Disorders is now a common term for society. Scientifically infertility means inability to procreate. It is a condition of the body that can aff...

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Now a days, as people have already tried stunting and bypass surgery and found that allopathic treatment is not important and they are reluctant to go...

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About Bhargav Ayurveda

ABOUT US BHARGAV AYURVEDA servicing Health and Wellness Services since 2001.We serve 100% Pure ...

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Tele Ayurveda

  "Tele Ayurveda" is a extended service support to patients who are residing remote ...

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Ayurveda Ashish

  Blessed formulation of Guru"s ,we serves through  ASHISH. gives health and ...

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Home Remedies & Ayurveda Diet

Bhargav Ayurveda serves to society through home remedies knowledge of ancient Sculpture and the effe...

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About Founder

Dr. Abhimanyu R. Bhargava
(Nadi Expert, Wellness Coach & Ayurvedic Consultant)

Dr. Abhimanyu R. Bhargava who is the Senior Ayurveda Consultant Physician cum technologist of Bhargav Ayurveda™ is always passionate & share the authentic Ayurveda advises and customized needs as per ailments, support & meet your specific needs like — various Indian Herbs, customized herbal remedies, rejuvenate, relaxasing & recharge massage oil, Spa products, theraputic blend of adoptogenic herbs and various botanical Indian treasures as per herbal monographs and it's scientific validation.

He is Ayurvedic Consultant cum Technologist, who have completed B.A.M.S. from Govt.Ayurvedic College Gurukul Kangari Hariwar and he deed M.Sc. Chemistry of Natural products with having 13 yrs working experiences in variety of consultancy and industrial projects & assignments. He is also imparting his contributions to ASU drugs Industries to AYUSH Committee Govt. of Haryana as a Technical Expert Member under rule of 154(2) Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 and rules made there under.

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