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Every Living Cell in human body has potential to become cancerous. Carcinoma, Sarcoma, Leukaemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma and brain tumours. As per Ayurvedic aspect chronic inflammatory pathology leads to cancer. Every cell has tendency to convert into cancer cell whenever the oxygen demand of the cells reduced 40% than the normal requirements.

Means pranayama deep breathing prevent the cells to convert in to cancerous. Herbal natural ingredients cold press flaxseed oil with Sulphur conjugated protein got from cow milk paneer helps to compensate supply of oxygen into cell and subsequently prevent & reverse the physiopathology of cancer (Dr.wudwig diet protocol)

Cancer growth can be differentiated in between capsulated tumour and non-capsulated tumours. Non capsulated tumours are cancer it is a fixed with dipper structure globular in size and shape. Usually, it has no pus but severe pain. Cancer is a precipitation of excess kapha and toxins in presence of aggravated disorders.

Treatment of Cancer

As per the Ayurvedic principle of Ayurveda cancer treatment started with pacification of doshic and pathological cause in relation to organ, tissue followed by purification as per strength of patients. Purification process make it continue till further prognosis is favourable.

Process involved in Treatment

Apoptosis : process of programmed cancer cell death or to  kill  targeted cancer cell with help of stem cell as per dosic constitution and nature of cells.

Anti Angiogenesis : to stop the tumours from developing new blood vessels. Formulation of effective herbal ingredients.

Destroy Cancer Stem Cells : This type of medicines is selected and taken as per nature of cells, tissue and organs

Prevention ill-effect of Chemo-Radiotherapy :

  • Manage loss of appetite
  • Prevent nausea and vomiting
  • Prevent hair loss and  regrowth.
  • Prevent pericardial and plural effusion

Tri Doshic Energy Balancer Concentrates

Prevention of Metastasis

Diet and Antioxidant : Cancer cells are treated as per specific protocol as per position and involved organ the protocol of the treatment is same but the treatment methodology and the choice of ingredients formulation changed. Thus, various type of cancer like lung cancer, prostate cancer, throat cancer, brain tumour, large intestine cancer, small intestine cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, mouth cavity, blood cancer, breast cancer is treated accordingly.


Bhargav Ayurveda treating and helping carcinoma patient extending their life span and quality of life. Cancer patient who are looking for natural medicine and support they can visit, call and consult. We use highly concentrated extract formulation for well-being of the patient with low cost and effective results.

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