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Digestive Problem

Digestion is a first and most common problems of the person. Even Ayurveda holistic science say all the disease pathology is start from abnormal digestive function and its output. Means to cure every disease everyone should care well about digestive system and its regulation to meet functional perfection.


  • None judicial eating as per body dosa constitution.
  • Used to be excess salted sour, salty and fatty fried food preparation.
  • Routine intake of acid  indigestion and gaseous inducing food and recipes.
  • None aware about diet and ingredient combinations.
  • Intake of diet, irrational to appetite.
  • Eating: non meditative and under stress anxiety frustration leads to in digestion.
  • Erratic and untimely intake of food indiscriminately, overeating, without understanding the gut requirement and feeling.
  • Non guided Eating , aggravating the disease and symptoms of existing gut problems & disease pathology.
  • Anxiety stress and depression also causes indigestion.

Characters ( Sign & Symptom )

Gas in digestion dyspepsia burping acid reflex hyperacidity epigastric pain heaviness in upper part of the abdomen, pain around navel, excessive gas formation, constipation chronic constipation and medicine dependent constipation, gaseous abdomen, loss of appetite, mucus mix stool, abdominal cramps, gaseous accumulation in bowel loops, loose motion, history of chronic loose motion, diarrhoea, sometime loose motion and sometime constipation, hard & impacted stool. Piles fissure fistula, bleeding per rectal, ulcers of stomach intestine, heaviness enlarge distended abdomen.

Chronic digestive problem leads to neuromuscular weakness like muscular pain lumbar pain chest pain anxiety, stress, insomnia aggressiveness frustration irritation.


Care and cure of digestive gut problem is utmost important and basic requirement to stay healthy fit for forever. Care and cure it properly with correction of diet, Lifestyle, exercise aasan and pranayam as per your pathophysiological conditions under guidance of expert. If your physiopathology is a chronic and complicated then and you have to consult expert who are well experienced in holistic healing management.

Home Remedies

Constipation is a symptom and it is a reflection of indigestion due to various causes hence diagnose it first with relevant cause and eradicate accordingly you may get rid of from the constipation naturally and permanently. In general peoples are so easy to have formulation available in the market without knowing root problem. Expert will help you, what is the cause of constipation whether it is related to gastritis hyperacidity and dryness of gut, indigestion or due to hypochlorhydria & inappropriate secretion of gastric juices. Due to this reason sufferer are suffering even with medicine. Eradicate the relevant cause, strengthen your intestine, removes toxins, prevent indigestion, will help you to fight from constipation.

High fibres, munakka, castor oil, warm milk, harade is very useful in constipation.

Acidity connected to indigestion with fire , dhaniya jeera saunf tea is good and effective remedy.


We have very effective Ayurvedic treatment for Digestive Problems like chronic hyperacidity, indigestion, gastritis duodenitis, malabsorption colitis ulcerative colitis, chronic constipation and gas, prolapse of anus, fissure, fistula and piles. We have also very successful treatment in Fatty liver, Enlarged liver and spleen.

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