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UTI : Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection in female is more as compared to male. The common cause after infection is E- coli bacteria. This infection involves bladder urethra and ureter the infection start from bladder and urethra and moves upward ureter. Chronic condition produces weakness and inflammation of bladder called as cystitis.


  • Cause Sexual transmitting disease
  • Unhygienic habit and invasions of E-Coli
  • Acidic urine nature
  • RBC and pus cells in urine
  • Purulent discharge with urine

Characters ( Sign & Symptom )

  • Burning micturition
  • burning urination
  • painful urination
  • dysuria – scanty urination

Prostate Enlargement

Prostate is lying adjacent to urethra close to bladder. It is usually 16 to 24 grams. But when it is a large size and weight become increased. This is the part of male reproductive system and it inflammation and enlargement occur after the age of 45, the size and enlargement revealed out by ultra-scan and PSA test. Sometime cancer marker test advised to find out the carcinoma correlation. Inflammation and enlargement prostate gland directly affect the sexual health and performance. On the other hand, creating routine problem of drop- drop urination, multiple urges of urination and not properly decantation of bladder due to so residual urine volume retained in bladder causing painful and heaviness of lower abdomen.


This developed with age and no harmful and rarely related to carcinoma.

Characters ( Sign & Symptom )

  • Multiple urgency of urination
  • Drop drop urination
  • Difficulty in urination


One pair bean shaped filtration organ is place right and left of abdomen. It is second excretory system of the body detoxification. When it functions become compromised due to its inflammation, nephrotoxicity, hypertension and diabetes related nephrological disorders leads to acute renal failure and chronic renal failure. Acute renal failure is reversible and chronic renal failure is it tough to reversible.

Ayurveda and natural treatment for UTI prostate enlargement E-Coli bacterial load and chronic renal failure is effective best and reliable treatment to overcome from associated signs symptoms and pathology.

Bhargav Ayurveda has developed research authentic experienced formulation to fight the above disorders effectively and successfully.


Renal disorders are usually due to hypertension and diabetes. Excretion and filtration output compromise and subsequently body become toxic and urinemic. In this condition serum creatinine and blood urea elevated from the normal limit. The kidney function test and increased serum creatinine more than 5 and blood urea more than 100 compelling situation for dialysis which is temporary relief for the time being hence it is advisable to correct the basic cause, enhance the eGFR, reduce the body toxicity and over all well-being.

Characters ( Sign & Symptom )

  • Less output of urine
  • Feeling of nausea and vomiting
  • Breathlessness
  • Uncontrolled hypertension
  • diabetes


Care and cure of UTI, prostate enlargement and chronic renal failure with Ayurveda is effective provide satisfactory results very short span even the UTI, prostatic bacterial colony is resistant to the antibiotics. Ayurveda holistic approach of healing soothing and cleansing help to reinstate normal function of the organs.

Bhargav Ayurveda has its own guided proven and formulated experienced herbal formulation to heal UTI prostate enlargement and kidney.

Home Remedies

Jeera dhania water is natural kidney and excretory system cleanser. It may be taken as herbal tea

Rinse off private part or external reproductive part with coriander water is effective solution for soothing.


Bhargav Ayurveda has very effective Ayurvedic treatment solution for UTI prostate enlargement and chronic renal failure. We treats are the fundamental principle of Ayurveda and Vedic wisdom only with the herbal ingredients and concentrated formulas.

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